Sooyoung Cha (차수영)

Assistant Professor

Software Analysis Laboratory,

Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering,

College of Computing and Informatics, Sungkyunkwan University.



  • I am always looking for motivated graduate/undergraduate students and postdocs to work with.

For more detailed information, see recruitment, publications, talks, or send me an email.

Research Areas

My research aims to develop software analysis techniques for safe and reliable software. In particular,

  • AI-based software testing for automatically detecting software bugs [youtube]

  • Machine learning guided static analysis

Educational Background

Employed Positions


  • SymTuner: Maximizing the Power of Symbolic Execution by Adaptively Tuning External Parameters
    Sooyoung Cha, Myungho Lee, Seokhyun Lee, and Hakjoo Oh

ICSE 2022: International Conference on Software Engineering

🏅ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award

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